Funeral and Cremation Services in Tupelo, Mississippi

Professional Services for Funeral and Cremation Plans in Tupelo, MS

When a loved one passes away, are you facing the challenge of designing the final arrangements? It can be difficult if you don’t know the wishes of the deceased. But our team is here to provide guidance as you are taking care of at-need funeral and cremation planning in Tupelo, MS.

Whether you prefer a large, traditional service, or you are looking for basic support, Pegues Funeral Directors is here to assist. You can talk to a professional funeral director who not only offers comfort but provides information about your options for funeral services. As you learn more about the industry, you’ll see that we offer a range of options for how you can honor the deceased.

Traditional Funeral Services: What You Need to Know

A large, formal funeral gathering can be a great way to honor family traditions and customs. Many people find solace in the closure that is experienced through a traditional funeral event. This experience can include the details that are a good fit for your family, such as a viewing reception, graveside commemoration, and the funeral service.

These services can be hosted in our funeral home if you desire. Another option is to plan a funeral or memorial in another location of your choice, such as a church or chapel in the area. This tribute is a great way to share memories of the deceased and mark the occasion of their passing.

Benefits of Cremation

If a traditional funeral doesn’t fit your preferences or the requests of the deceased, then an alternative is to choose cremation. We can assist with everything needed for the cremation. If you choose direct cremation, the service will be completed without an event or gathering. Alternatively, cremation with services can be a good way to remember the individual without the formalities of a traditional funeral.

Families often choose a cremation because of the reduced price for the service. Cremation can save thousands of dollars, helping to reduce the financial burden in this challenging time. Since you don’t need to pay for a full-size burial plot, casket, and embalming, the price of cremation is much cheaper compared to the full-service funeral packages.

Cremation also makes transfer easy in the future. If your loved one is laid to rest in a cemetery, then you might have limited options to visit if you move away from the burial site. Some families prefer to place the cremated ash in a portable urn, allowing you to keep the remains wherever you may go. Cremated ashes can also be placed in an urn, columbarium niche, or a burial plot if desired. Another option is to scatter the ashes outside.

Other Services for Cremations and Funerals in Tupelo, MS

When you choose Pegues Funeral Directors for funeral planning, you will see that we pay attention to every detail that needs to be addressed. For example, live streaming and recording of the services can be provided using the top-notch technology installed in our funeral home. We can also help with administrative services related to the event, such as transfers, pickups, and ship outs. Our team can coordinate paperwork, transportation, and all other details to reduce your stress during this time of grief.

Beautiful burial and cremation products can be purchased through our funeral home, such as:

We offer a variety of products so you can choose the colors and designs that match the personality and preferences of the deceased.

Planning Funeral Services: At-Need and Pre-Need

If you require immediate support, then we can assist with at-need arrangements. Our staff at Pegues Funeral Directors has been serving the community for years. We’ve dialed in the best process to ensure a streamlined experience when planning a funeral. Rest assured to know that nothing will slip through the cracks when you are working with our trusted funeral home.

We are also here to assist when you are ready to get started with funeral and cremation preplanning in Tupelo, MS. You can set an appointment with a funeral director to share your desires for a future event. Preplanning is a great solution so you can avoid leaving an emotional and financial burden on your loved ones.

Preplanning is available for people of all ages. You never know when funeral services will be required, which is why it is smart to be prepared with a plan for the unexpected. One of the benefits of preplanning is that you can coordinate these details at your convenience. Many people find it helpful to have time to consider their preferences before finalizing the funeral plans.

When you are ready to learn about your options for funeral and cremation services in Tupelo, MS, then our team is here to assist. You are invited to reach out at your convenience to schedule a consultation.

For 130 years, Pegues Funeral Directors and five generations of the Pegues family have committed ourselves helping honor the lives of every person whose family entrusted us with their care.  The members of our staff are professionals in funeral care but most importantly, are dedicated to providing honest, dignified, and compassionate care. From the most elaborate life celebration service to the simplest ceremony, bizarre or basic, we are here to help share that story. Speak with one of our caring staff, call us at 662-842-4872 today!

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

  • What is a funeral?
A funeral is any ceremony that offers an opportunity for family members and friends of the deceased to express love, respect, honor and grief for a loved one. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, a funeral offers the bereaved a place to celebrate life and take the first step towards healing.

  • Can I personalize my funeral service?
Absolutely, in fact, we recommend it. After all, a funeral is a celebration of life and each life lived is unique. Funeral directors are happy to discuss any and all options to ensure your funeral is tailored to your wishes, and you’ll find that you can personalize services in many unique ways. You can reach out to us at 662-842-4872, at any time to explore your options with our dedicated staff, or view our service page for more information.

  • Is cremation a substitute for a funeral?

Cremation is an alternative form of final disposition, but it can and frequently does still follow a funeral service. Cremation services may also be personalized to celebrate the life of your loved one. We can assist you with the necessary information about cremation, including the details of several wonderful cremation burial options or ash scattering, if this is an avenue you wish to explore. Read more FAQ here.

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